Simple Processing of Plants into Bio-fuel

The Importance of Alternative Energy And Today’s Climate Crisis
The importance of simple processing of plants into bio-fuel is not widely discussed. The primary reason for this is because the oil lobbies have an iron grip within the White House. This is not only problematic for our economic climate, but it is disastrous for our climate crisis as well. In this sense, there has never been a better time for evaluating alternative energy methods. In fact, the only way we are going Read the rest of this entry »

Creating Energy From of an Old Source: The Potato

Most people have heard of the potato battery, but they may not be aware that scientists are looking at the versatile vegetable as a potential source of power for off grid communities.

Once slice of freshly boiled potato can power a light bulb for up to 20 hours. Slices can also be added together to power computers or medical equipment. The secret to potato power lies in the boiling. Scientists have long known that potatoes are natural electrolytes, but Read the rest of this entry »

Who Created This Power: The History of Bio-fuel

Biofuel seems like a modern idea that scientists came up with for turning more sustainable sources into fuel for cars, planes and other types of vehicles. However, some of the earliest pioneers in the fuel industry had dreams of cars someday being run on corn, vegetable oil and other products.

One of the first attempts at biofuel was from a man named Rudolf Diesel, whose most popular product now bears his name. As early as his exhibit at Read the rest of this entry »

The Simple Scientific Concepts Behind Bio-fuel

The scientific concepts behind bio-fuel may prove to be a very rewarding subject of study, one that will be able to provide you with a greater understanding of the next-generation fuels and alternatives that will be used to power the 21st century. Recycling used oils, and processing agricultural crops and plants into a viable fuel source is proving to be an alternative to conventional gasoline that has been growing in popularity. Addressing the many economic consequences of the current energy crisis is not a concern that can be safely overlooked or ignored.

Long term energy solutions that make Read the rest of this entry »

Green Energy for Your Home and Vehicle

When it comes to alternative energy, we have a ton a choices. From biofuels and hydrogen power for our vehicles to wind and solar energy for our homes, alternative energy options abound.
Biofuels are derived from sources like algae, corn or even waste grease from restaurant fryers. The last one is a personal favorite. Who wouldn’t want to drive a car that’s exhaust fumes smell like French fries or egg rolls. What a delicious alternative to carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxide and hydrocarbons!
Hydrogen power is another brilliant alternative to burning fossil fuels. The simplified version of how hydrogen fuel cells work is that hydrogen, the world’s most abundant element, reacts with oxygen to make energy that can power an engine. The byproduct is water! When you compare water vapor to all the aforementioned toxins that come out or our gasoline or diesel powered exhaust pipes, it’s pretty innocuous.
Wind and solar power for your home is a double whammy for you and the planet. First, wind and solar energy can be domestically produced. We don’t have to rely on imports from other countries to get energy from the sun or the air. Secondly, they’re renewable resources. They won’t ever run out. As long as the sun shines and the wind blows, we can harness that energy.
While putting biodiesel to work for your transportation needs may require an overhaul of your diesel engine and hydrogen powered cars are about as hard to find as hydrogen fueling stations, wind and solar power for your home are actually attainable today.
If you live in an area of the country with a deregulated energy market, you have the power to choose your energy provider. That means you can pick the energy provider with the best overall rates and green energy options. Offset your monthly energy consumption with domestically-produced alternative energy. Check out websites that compare energy providers, rates and alternative energy options, such as

Effects of Biofuel and the Environment

Since biofuels are derived from plant and animal products or waste, they are considerably more renewable than petroleum based products. While it is a proven truth that biofuels are much cleaner than fossil fuels, they are not without detriments to the environment.

Because of the make-up of biofuels, they are naturally less environmentally intrusive. Unfortunately, studies suggest we cannot grow enough crops to completely switch to using plant byproducts, and animal waste simply does not accumulate fast enough to make a complete transition to biofuels environmentally, or economically, advantageous. In a recent study, scientists suggest we would have to convert Read the rest of this entry »

Breaking Down of Algae for Biofuel Production

When it comes to algae not many people will be able to list the use for algae, for some fish keepers the idea of algae is something that is actually frown upon. However, the good news is that algae can be used for something that might be able to produce power for your homes. Scientist has been able to produce bio-fuel that is usable from algae that can be grown in abundance. The best thing about using algae is the fact that it is a naturally producing material that grows even when unattended.

Some people will think that the amount Read the rest of this entry »

The Next Generation of Renewable Energy

Renewable energy is arguably essential to develop, as fossil fuels and oil will someday become obsolete, and their supplies will be depleted. The next generation of renewable energy is on it’s way, and in many forms. Tidal energy is energy that we will harvest from the ocean. Tidal energy is created by the waves moving back and forth, which generates energy. Tidal wave power supplies the United States with enough energy to power roughly one third of the Read the rest of this entry »

The Top Green Advantages of Bio-diesel

In keeping up with going green, bio-diesels are becoming quite popular. Bio-diesels are an engineering marvel, both earth friendly and sustainable.

So, what exactly is a bio-diesel? Bio-diesel is a green fuel made from animal fats or vegetable oil. It is safe to handle, as biodegradable as sugar and believe it or not, it is 10 times less toxic than normal salt!

Bio-diesel is very popular in Europe and gaining much popularity around the world. So, what are the green advantages of bio-diesel? Let us explore a few of them

Bio-diesel is earth-friendly
Bio-diesel reduces the Read the rest of this entry »

Weighing the Pros and Cons of Bio-fuel

With everyone looking for greener energy to power their homes or farms, the idea of using bio-fuel as an energy source is on the minds of many people. However, there are other factors that will affect the use of this fuel, which question if bio- fuel is something that is worth using. There have been studies done on the production of the fuel and in those studies it has been shown that the energy that is used to produce the fuel exceeds the amount that the fuel Read the rest of this entry »

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